Fear you’ll be exposed as a fraud one day? You’re not alone! — Photo by Pixabay

Why imposter syndrome affects so many in the software industry, and how to get over it

Sometimes, you want things fast…really fast!

Taking on the competition, one query at at time

Look at this lonely laptop. So sad because it’s missing its best friend — Db2!

You’ve got MacOS, you want Db2, let’s do this.

What basketball teaches us about IoT databases

Grabbing a coffee? Install Db2 while you’re away

How to install Db2 11.5 on Windows, MacOS or Linux with a single command, in less than 5 minutes

What it means, and why it’s important for databases

Four reasons why pursuing what you love may not be a good idea

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”

Adam Storm

Adam has been developing and designing complex software systems for the last two decades. He is also a son, brother, husband and father.

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